Achievement Culture

Frank Chimero on causing 'good trouble' and re-imagining the status quo to combat achievement culture

"Fatigue happens to your body, but burnout exhausts your soul."


Jamf Pro Integration video

Two weeks ago my colleague Dominique and I flew to Poland to shoot a video about Jamf Pro integrations for YASKA and MASS IT. Initially this project was a bit out of my comfort zone but what an enriching experience it has been!

Online tutorials helped us with finding affordable gear, how to edit voice-overs smoothly, what to pay attention to when color grading and so much more. Thank you amazing people on the internet for sharing your knowledge.

Testing the light and camera setup.

Thank you Gilles for your tips on lightning and camera setup. Thanks to the YASKA team for the continuous support and thank you Dominique for going the extra mile with me on this! 🙏

Looking forward to the next video!



The importance of learning and having mentors

"I thought I was GOOD because my benchmark and world view was so small."

I remember feeling the exact same way back in my early twenties.


current workspace

Current workspace.


how do we go on

How do we go on?

“The problem we’re facing, it’s not a technology problem. It’s not a science problem,” Professor Steffen explains. “It’s a problem with the human side of things, with our socio-political values.”

“The neoliberal economic system we’ve bought into is completely at odds with how the Earth works,” Professor Steffen continues. “We have to change this value system that we operate under. We need a social tipping point that flips our thinking, before we reach a tipping point in the climate system.

“I think Greta Thunberg could turn out to be that tipping element.”

Insightful article about how to be resilient in the face of climate change.


crea ten hove exhibition

Visiting my mother's painting exhibition.